Where have I been!

Posted on February 7, 2021

SO, if you're a regular here on shadypenguinn.com, the title to this blog post isn't going to make much sense! But this is really here for anyone from our YouTube channel, as we're starting our new Nuzlocke over there, and over here! :]

SO, I haven't uploaded on YouTube since October, a real gaming video, anyway. Why is that? Well, the short story is that Let's Plays are completely dead on YouTube. They don't get pushed by the algorithm, not even to subscribers of the channel. This, in tandem with focusing on game development last year, really got me to a point where stepping away from YouTube, and focusing on development, and of course all the content you see here, was the right decision.

During this time, I've grown a lot, in a personal level, but have also been through some pretty interesting seasons. I've started out Collects YouTube channel which has been a ton of fun, but the big question I wanted to answer in this blog post, is why am I coming back with a Nuzlocke now?

Well, I mentioned it a bunch in our stream, but I'm really looking for some comfort. Back when I first started doing Pokemon content, it was my escape. It brought me peace, by raging, and set my life on a path I never would've guessed. So, since I'm in a season where I'm itching for nostalgia and familiarity, doing a Nuzlocke seemed like the best way to gain that!

I was bouncing between doing it on Twitch, making it premium here, or just doing it on YouTube. Ultimately, I decided to do it on YouTube. Even though it won't get pushed, won't help that channel grow at all, I'm hoping there are still people who will see it, and enjoy it! I know everyone here on ShadyPenguinn.com will watch, and maybe it will even draw some people into the website and have them check out some of our other content over here.

Either way, I'm excited, and if you wanna ask any specific questions, feel free to leave a comment down below! Remember, our nuzlocke will be daily, Hyrule Warriors is Monday-Friday, and our Twitch streams are Monday-Friday as well!

~Keep it shady!

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