Among Us

Let's Play · May 2021

Among Us with a variety of dope people trying to deceive and murder each other. Wholesome!

3 episodes available

14 min

Episode 1

Among Us But DorkShadow Does NOTHING

Super happy to be able to play with this group, even if DorkShadow makes me want to rip my beard out bit by bit and feed it to some space men. Huge ups to Mr Fruit for getting me into another session! He is great peeps, and so are all these folks.

21 min

Episode 2

Among Us But They Believe THE WORST LIE EVER!

Jumping back into more games, I tell the most ridiculous, literally the WORST LIE EVER in this imposter game! There's also a second game of crewmate because my imposter games are running low. Enjoy!

24 min

Episode 3

Among Us But Mr Fruit HATES ME

Mr Fruit had it OUT for me during our last session of Among Us. Well, it felt like that anyway, but the secret of the day is that Sharkk actually killed me more than Fruit did, BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE. Enjoy the games! :]