Kirby and the Forgotten Land

July 2022 · 9 Episodes

A full playthrough of Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Episode 2

Drifting McKirby

We are REALLY getting the hand of these wheels.

Episode 3

What's With Bananas?

I just can't see why anyone would leave this pile of bananas here...

Episode 4

Battle Before The Beach

We've gotta get a PERFECT battle in with this monkey before we can relax by the water.

Episode 5

Kirby Kinda Starfox

Kirby really do be kinda starfox, ya know?

Episode 6

Big Spikey Into BIG BOMBY

We've got upgrades on DECK today!

Episode 7


Today is the day of DOING. IT. AGAIN.

Episode 8

A LARGE Treasure Hunt

Today is a GIANT treasure hunt because apparently there's HIDDEN ROADS?

Episode 9

Revenge of the Sword

Oh, you thought I had forgotten? Well, I sort of did. But this UPGRADE reminded me!