Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - 100%

July 2022 · 13 Episodes

A 100% playthrough of one of my favorite Majora's Mask with HD textures!

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Episode 1

Link Gets DEKUD!

We're jumping into our 100% playthrough of Majora's Mask with some BEAUTIFUL HD textures. MY BODY IS READY - TO GET TRANSFORMED BY A SKULLKID.

Episode 2

De Deku, Link GET STOOF!

It's time to confront the skull kid, with heart pieces in hand - GIVE ME MY BODY BACK!

Episode 3

Out To The Swamp

It's finally time to leave clocktown and head out to the swamp.

Episode 4


If you can read the title, then you know who we're fighting today.

Episode 5

Have You Finished Those Errands?

Seriously...feeling like Squidward, there are SO many errands to run!

Episode 6

Greatest of HOLY TIME

It is time to take down the goHt

Episode 7

Getting Ready For GOLD!

This is some of my favorite parts of the game - working towards A BRAND NEW SWORD.

Episode 8

The Ocean Is SOON

We've gotta get our ducks in a row, or our pots all smashed, before we head to the ocean!

Episode 9

GIANT Reward

We're doing everything we can to smoothly snag this GIANT reward!

Episode 10

A Cold Wet Temple

This temple, it is wet. But, it is also cold, like ice. Hm.

Episode 11

Beneath The Well

It's time to journey beneath the well and give some dead guys stuff.

Episode 12

The Giant Stone Tower

The most complex temple is upon us...and it is GIANT.

Episode 13

Majora's Moon

It is finally time to venture onto Majora's Moon.