Pokémon Storm Silver Egglocke

Let's Play · July 2021

One of the most iconic playthroughs from our YouTube channel.

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45 min

Episode 1

Shady Guy And Eggs Galore!

We're starting our Johto journey off today! We've got over 1,700 eggs to go through during this Let's Play! Thank you so so much for making this possible! Now! Sit back, and enjoy the first episode!

46 min

Episode 2

Misplays and Sprout Tower!

In this second episode, we work our way to Sprout Tower! Along the way, we make new friends, defeat some trainers, and sweat quite a bit! Enjoy!

37 min

Episode 3

No Flight In The Park!

In this third episode of our egglocke, we continue on and fight Falkner, and get stumped at the ruins! Although we grinded a bit and might be a tad over leveled, Drayno hacks prove that this game is no walk in the park! Enjoy!

39 min

Episode 4

Team Rocket Hits The Scene!

In this fourth episode, thanks to you guys, I manage to get into the ruins, which means more eggs will be hatched! We also clear out the following route, bump into walls in Union Cave, and meet up with Team Rocket! Enjoy!

32 min

Episode 5

Slowpoke Well and PEEKO!

In this episode, we venture down Slowpoke Well to thwart team rocket's evil ways! We also UNFORTUNATELY battle our rival when we had no idea we would. How does it turn out!? Watch to find out! Enjoy!

45 min

Episode 6

Bugsy And Ilex Forest

In this episode, we go on ahead and take on Bugsy, and are forced into capturing some birds who can cut down trees! Enjoy!

42 min

Episode 7

Expenses In Goldenrod!

In this episode, we go and drop stocks in Goldenrod's department store, explore the city, unexpectedly battle Lyra, and start lifting at the gym. Enjoy!

47 min

Episode 8


In this episode, we hatch a huge amount of eggs! If you wanna skip that for some reason, go to 23:00. Afterwards, we go take on the legend herself, TheHeatedWhitney. Enjoy!

32 min

Episode 9

Forgot The Water!

In this episode, we move past the dreaded Whitney, and proceed to clear the route to our next city! Well, we almost do, but there's a darn tree blocking our way! Enjoy!

34 min

Episode 10

Dogs In The Tower!

In this episode, we make our way to Ecruteak City, and run into a mysterious man chasing Suicune! Not to mention, our rival David challenges us when we just don't want to battle! Enjoy!

28 min

Episode 11

Ghosts Bring DEATH!

In this episode, we attempt to take on the members in Morty's gym. However, we realize how severely under leveled we are for this gym, and take some time to get back on track! Enjoy!

19 min

Episode 12

Clinging To LIFE!

In this quick episode, we're gonna take on Morty! If we can have at least one more gym leader battle where we don't lose a Pokemon, that'd be just fantastic! Enjoy!

31 min

Episode 13

Crit City Is My Hometown

We're back with a regular length episode! We're moving past Morty, and gonna try to hatch some eggs this episode! While clearing a route, though, it seems that we must've made someone upstairs angry by going away...Enjoy!

34 min

Episode 14

Rough Start!

The Egglocke is back! We had a one day break, but we're past Morty, going onto the Olivine City! Our rival scares us half to death, and we hatch a new egg! Enjoy!

34 min

Episode 15

Lighthouse and Strawpoll!

Another egglocke episode drops! In this episode, we clear out the lighthouse, and come across a very important question! Be sure to help out by votiong in the strawpoll down below! Enjoy!

36 min

Episode 16


We're back with the egglocke, and we realized that we missed the water stone! We went back to Goldenrod of screen to grab it from the department store, and now we're able to surf! Enjoy!

34 min

Episode 17


Another episode of the egglocke has dropped! And this episode, can be summed up in one simple quote from the episode: "THIS IS NOT A GOOD TIME, MORTY!" Enjoy!

24 min

Episode 18


Another episode of the egglocke has dropped! In this episode, we're going to take on Chuck with our newly trained up Blaziken! Dark magic is afoot though...is it in our favor!?! Enjoy!

35 min

Episode 19

Enter Team Rocket!

Another episode of the egglocke has dropped! In this episode, we move past our losses and go on to fight team rocket by the Safari Zone.

43 min

Episode 20

Justice Was Demanded

ANYWAY, in this episode, we continue on pushing through team rocket, make some dumb mistakes when encountering wild Pokemon, and justice is served in the harshest of manners. Enjoy!

49 min

Episode 21

The Moment of Truth - ENTER SARAH!

I will not say too much about this episode. Just know that this is what you guys wanted, we finish up team rocket, and make it to the gym, where Sarah makes all of our decisions...

35 min

Episode 22


Another episode has dropped! This episode, we're gonna be hatching so many eggs! We also continue on past the last town, and find our we get a rage candy bar! Enjoy! Enjoy!

36 min

Episode 23

Team Rocket MUGGED ME!

In this episode, we continue on to the Lake of Rage after grinding up our Pokemon, and team up with Lance to save the Magikarp in the lake! Enjoy!

33 min

Episode 24

From Radios To FROSTBITE!

In this episode, we finish up clearing out the hideout, but at what cost?! Afterwards, we go on into the gym and see some annoying, ANNOYING ice puzzles! Enjoy!

28 min

Episode 25


In this episode, we go ahead and make our way to Pryce. I really...I really don't have much to say about this episode. The only thing I will be walking away with is...BRIGHT...POWDER...MAMOWSINE!?!

33 min

Episode 26


In this episode, our rival really doesn't understand the concept of UNDERCOVER MISSIONS. Enjoy!

31 min

Episode 27


In this episode, we take on a few Team Rocket Executives, and my goodness. MY GOODNESS. Apparently this is where a lot of lockes end...enjoy!

25 min

Episode 28

Roster Change!

In this episode, we've gotta use up some of our encounters in order to make up for the complete destruction that was the last episode. So, in this short one, we catch some new Pokemon, and hatch some of your eggs!

34 min

Episode 29

The Turn Around!

In this episode,it's time for a turnaround. No more games, no more haphazardly choosing moves. We got this. First, we're finishing team rocket. Then, we'll make our way to the final badge...eventually. Enjoy!

34 min

Episode 30

Straight Up Progress!

Nothing but the finest of progress in this episode! I grind up our new Pokemon, clear out a route, and even venture into the final gym of Johto! Enjoy!

31 min

Episode 31

Dragon's Joke and Evil Kimono Girls

Yesterday was such a great day. We had such an amazing episode. So good. So good. Let's think about that for a while...ready? Now enjoy this episode! :]

27 min

Episode 32


Watch me struggle in the darkness for 20 minutes before finally reaching Lugia, at which point, there is a HUGE payoff! Enjoy!

29 min

Episode 33

Making My Way DownTown!

Let's put the darkness behind us, and go ahead and keep pushing forward towards the Elite Four! We begin clearing off the route that leads to Victory Road. Enjoy!

30 min

Episode 34

Personal Thoughts Before The Road!

In today's episode, we jump in to continuing our way to the Elite Four! More importantly, though, we get to have another encounter, and MIRACLES OCCUR! ENJOY!

23 min

Episode 35

Victory Road SEVEN!!!

In today's episode, we find out the Victory Road is petty much empty, but who cleared out all the trainers?! IS THAT A SLOWKING!?

16 min

Episode 36

Will of the Elite Four!

In today's episode, we have our finalized team! I listened to EVERYONE in the comment section below, and trained up the team to level 60. Very grateful I listened to you guys, thank you so much for your support! Now, enjoy as we attempt the first Elite Four member, Will!

16 min

Episode 37

Koga of the Elite Four!

In today's episode, we've got will behind us, and head off to face Koga! I also go about discussing some things that were said on yesterday's video. Please just remember that I love you all very, very much, and we need to try to be a family! :]

9 min

Episode 38

Bruno of the Elite Four!

In today's episode, we're gonna be taking on Bruno! We're opening up with a normal type, which might not be the smartest...let's see how this goes! Enjoy!

9 min

Episode 39

Karen of the Elite Four!

In today's episode, we're gonna take on the LAST MEMBER OF THE ELITE FOUR!!! So pumped to be getting this far unscathed, let's just hope we can keep this up until we're out of here! :]

18 min

Episode 40

Champion Lance!

We have finally made it to Lance! This build up has been finished, and we are here, in this moment, to face the champion! Will we become the next champion, or will the Egglocke end before we get into Kanto?! Enjoy!

22 min

Episode 41

Kanto Ahead!

A whole new journey is about to begin, and it starts on a boat! You know, you'd think that with us venturing into a new region, I'd be a bit more careful, but maybe the excitement of adventure has gotten the best of my judgement...Enjoy!

24 min

Episode 42


After an absolutely MORONIC mistake, I just wanna get off this boat. I just wanna get onto land, and find me some new Pokemon. PLEASE. Enjoy!

23 min

Episode 43

Misinformed and Distraught

So I thought we'd be getting off the boat, and destroying some electric type Pokemon in the gym, but this game has other plans for us. We do get some new Pokemon, though, so that's fun! Enjoy!

20 min

Episode 44

Brock's Rocks

With the trainers cleared, we're ready to take on Brock! Really hoping we can get our first badge with no scars, but really...there's only one way to find out. Enjoy!

25 min

Episode 45


We're gonna be going through Mt. Moon and work towadrs Misty! BUT DAVID IS LURKING AND WAITING, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Enjoy!

25 min

Episode 46


We worked our way to Cerulean, and this is ending up to be the SHADIEST episode of the egglocke yet! So much talk of shady people...I'M MOVING TO CERULEAN! :] Enjoy!

22 min

Episode 47


I really don't have much to say. This episode...this episode is going to be hard to enjoy. It's completely...completely...COMPLETE TRASH! Enjoy!

27 min

Episode 48

Choose Your Names CAREFULLY!

Recovering from the complete trash of the last episode, we're gonna go ahead and take on Misty today! Can we get through unscathed?! Or will we need a bandaid? Enjoy!

31 min

Episode 49


We got ourselves the Cascade Badge, and it's time to earn another! We're gonna head to Lt. Surge in order to move this old man away from Rock Tunnel! BUT, WHY DOES ELECTRICITY HAVE TO PARALYZE EVERYTHING?!?

27 min

Episode 50

Rock Tunnel I DON'T GET IT!

So the old man is finally finding a new hobby. Hopefully he's buying himself a hearing aid! So we're gonna head into Rock Tunnel, get an encounter, AND LOSE OUR COOL! Enjoy!

35 min

Episode 51


We're opening up this episode in Lavender town, trying to find a way to the next gym, but people keep closing off completely non-shady areas, like an underground tunnel...Enjoy!

25 min

Episode 52

Cloyster TakeOver!

We're heading to Fuschia city, and it's a shell of a mess over there! Get it? Shell...cause there's Cloysters? No? Just me?! WELP! Enjoy!

25 min

Episode 53

That Girl Is Poison!

With the Cloysters behind us, it's time to finally take on Janine. She's poison...that girl is poison. Song? Yes? No? Okay. Enjoy!

23 min

Episode 54

Off Your High Horse!

We got ourselves the Soul Badge, and we're not stopping there. Next stop is Celadon where we can acquire the Rainbow Badge from an absolute snob. Enjoy!

27 min

Episode 55


Two badges down, so why slow down? We're gonna be heading to Saffron City, which has been closed off until now. This girl though...she's got strange powers...SHE'S A WITCH! Enjoy!

19 min

Episode 56

Are we there yet?

Having to bury two of our Pokemon in the last episode, it's time to put the waterworks behind us, and find some water to surf on. We gotta make our way to Cinnibar, but not without catching some new Pokemon! Enjoy!

29 min

Episode 57


Having to bury two of our Pokemon in the last episode, it's time to put the waterworks behind us, and find some water to surf on. We gotta make our way to Cinnibar, but not without catching some new Pokemon! Enjoy!

25 min

Episode 58


So I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I knew this game. I thought that Cinnibar was a battleground. WELP. Enjoy!

22 min

Episode 59


As we work our way to Viridian, Tracy, although new to the party, wastes no time in being involved in the riskiest of Egglocke moments! Enjoy!

26 min

Episode 60


It's finally time for us to take on the final gym leader, Blue Oak! We got out grinding done, and feel pretty prepared for this battle...but will we even get our last badge, or will the locke end here!? Enjoy!

22 min

Episode 61

Elite Four Rematch Will and Koga!

We're drawing close to the end of our journey! It's time for some Elite Four rematches, to prepare ourselves for the destroyer, Red! Enjoy!

23 min

Episode 62

Elite Four Rematch: Bruno and Karen!

Getting down to the nitty gritty! I foolishly lost Smaug in the last episode, and I'm gonna have to be extra careful to make it through the rest of the Elite Four! Enjoy!

14 min

Episode 63

The Champion Rematch With Three!

We're here. With only three Pokemon, we have to rematch the Dragon Trainer, the League Champion, Lance! Enjoy!

27 min

Episode 64

Mt. Silver The Murderer

We made it past Lance! I cannot believe it! With only three Pokemon, we did it! It's time for us to venture to Red's home. The rest should be simple...right?...RIGHT?! Enjoy!

20 min

Episode 65

Pokemon Trainer Red The Finale

After losing Pokemon in the last episode, it's time to finally face the ultimate Trainer. The silent power of Red. Will it destroy us? Or will destroy him? Enjoy!