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Our First Tower

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All Out War

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The End Is Nigh

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April 1, 2021


Cast your votes, leave your comments. These are taken from the top recent suggestions and maybe one or two past ones! There's not many Fire Emblem games left that I haven't played, and I wanted to keep this poll all games that I haven't played for fresh, genuine reactions! I think Sacred Stones might be the only one I haven't played? And then there's some that I played and didn't finish.

March 29, 2021


Hey guys! We got a few solid suggestions on the last episode of Hyrule Warriors, HOWEVER, a lot of people said I should make a post so that even those who weren't checking Hyrule Warriors can leave some suggestions. SO, do that here! We'll have a poll on Wednesday with the top suggestions! :]

February 7, 2021

Where have I been!

SO, if you're a regular here on, the title to this blog post isn't going to make much sense! But this is really here for anyone from our YouTube channel, as we're starting our new Nuzlocke over there, and over here! :] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO, I haven't uploaded on YouTube since October, a real gaming video, anyway. Why is that? Well, the short story is that Let's Plays are completely dead on YouTube. They don't get

January 4, 2021


Hey all! We're gearing up to start the next playthrough, AND I NEED YOUR COMMENTS. Originally when I started this premium content journey, it was because I wanted the freedom to play the games I wanted without having to bend to YouTube's algorithm in order to survive financially. You guys gave me the honor of doing just that. However, at this current point in time, even if this website lost all of it's members, I would be financially stable, and I cannot thank you guys enough for that. BUT DO